Doug Uhlig, Ph.D., MBA - Licensed NYS Psychologist
Marital, Family, Career and Relationship Coach, Psychological Evaluations
63-44 Saunders Street, Rego Park, NY 11374 serving Forest Hills and Queens (917)-617-6731

Discovering Your Real Self through Mindfulness Meditation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Philosophy and Approach

I am a New York State licensed psychologist and psychotherapist focusing on family and individual problems of trauma, abandonment, addiction, career, or relationships. I address feelings of emptiness, difficulties in managing emotions, relationships, anger, anxiety and depression in order to increase your level of awareness or consciousness about your behavior in order to create change.

What I enjoy most about my work is that it changes people at a very deep level. I use my background in meditation to improve your level of self-awareness. As a result of putting you in touch with this awareness, you can alleviate depression and anxiety, prevent addictions, and come into contact with your real passion and purpose in life.

I do psychological evaluations for IQ and Achievement tests, court, custody, and bariatric surgery. Because I am also a business coach, I help  people evaluate career decisions, make career transitions, find corporate jobs, rehearse interviewing techniques, and prepare resumes. 

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